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sathya Sai Baba of Shirdi Bhakti sms in English

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Trust HIM.
When SAI pushes you to the edge of a difficulty, trust Him fully, two things could happen – He will catch you when you decline or He will teach you how to fly.
Love SAI;
Live in SAI.

By baba darshan our thoughts can changed, the force of previous actions is abated, and gradually, non-attachment or dispassion towards worldly objects develops.
om sai ram

when you feel depression just say :  Om sai ram jay sai ram om sai ram jay sai ram om sai ram jay sai ram om sai ram jay sai ram om sai ram jay sai ram om sai ram jay sai ram om sai ram jay sai ram om sai ram jay sai ram om sai ram jay sai ram om sai ram jay sai ram.

On this auspicious day, may Sai Ram Baba…. Bless us all with his love, grace, protection and guidance !! Sai Ram Baba…. always bless me, my family and the world !!! Please send forward this sms…

Thank you for everything baba , please shower your blessings on my family and everyone , guide and protect my sons , please be with us, love you baba ji . Om sree basudebaio sacchidananda sadguru sai nath maharaj ki Jay. Pronam baba.

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Om Sai Ram.
Bless me Baba. Never leave me alone in any situation. Always shower your blessings upon me and all. Love you Baba.

Baba thank you for everything you have given us in our life. Please.bless me and my family to serve and survive in a better way. Om Sai Nath.

Baba please give me strength and protect me and my family.
Surround us with positive energy and remove all negative energy away from us.
Baba shower us with your blessing and give us guidance. Love you Baba.

Shiva in You
Shakti in You
Krsna in You Saiyaan
Life in You
Breath in You
Srishti in You Saiyaan.

The Lord of the Kalyug…
The Kind One Who Hears Every Prayer of Love…
The God of Gods Who Lives in Every Creation, Every Being…
The Saviour Who is Our Lifeline, the Destination of Our Aching Souls…

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